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Overview of a stock with summarized metrics and comprehensible evaluations.

The best stock matching

Invest in what's right for you.

Set your individual criteria and decide with a swipe what should happen. Investing according to your individual criteria has never been easier.

Summary of a stock with aggregated metrics and background stock matching.

The clearest valuation for stocks

Invest without complex key figures.

One look is all it takes to make an assessment. We combine fundamental data, market sentiment, and risk into higher-level scores.
If necessary, you can dive deeper or have our AI do an evaluation.

Summarized evaluations, details on metrics, and industry rank comparison.

Fair value, AI forecast and moat

Invest with foresight.

Our data and technologies enable you to assess future developments. We get our data from premium providers and update our reviews daily.

Übersicht zu einer Aktie mit zusammengefassten Kennzahlen und dem Matching von Aktien im Hintergrund.
Your companion

We won't leave you alone on your investment journey.


No blind investing. We provide learnings for safe investing.

Buy & sell signals

Not a watchlist like any other. We'll give you the signals you really need.

Push notifications

We keep an eye on the data on your stocks. If anything is unusual, we'll let you know.

Earnings call Alert

We'll let you know about events that could have an impact on the price of your shares.

The single source of truth for investors.

No more time-consuming switching between different tools.
Come to Cappetize.

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What our users say.

„Eine übersichtliche App, inspirierendes Matching-Feature, sehr informative Watchlist und eine Learningplattform, um alles gekonnt nutzen zu können. So einfach kann es sein, die wichtigsten Infos für seine Lieblingsaktien zusammenzutragen!“

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“Thanks to Cappetize, I have finally found easy access to the complex issue of investing. And the best part: it's actually fun.”

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“The industry comparison and the aggregated key figures are incredibly helpful. I've never been able to price a stock faster.”

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“The inspiration is awesome, there are simply so many interesting stocks that I discover at Cappetize.”

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“I use Cappetize to prepare my investments. Here, all important information is bundled in one place and that saves me a tremendous amount of time.”

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Here you can find answers to the most important questions.

How can I find stocks with Cappetize?

We offer you two ways to find stocks. If you don't know exactly which stocks you're looking for, you can use our topic lists. These include a compilation of stocks in a specific category (e.g. low risk or top dividends). However, if you already have a specific idea of what your share should do, then use our Cappetize Matching. Just set individual criteria, and we will present stocks that match your expectations.

How good is Cappetize's data?

The quality and timeliness of our data is our greatest asset. We obtain our data from a premium European provider. Our algorithms for preparing our reviews and AI applications run daily, ensuring that you are always provided with the latest data.

When will Cappetize be available for Android?

We are working hard on the development of the Android version. The release is planned for 2024. We'll let you know as soon as we have a specific time. To do this, simply add yourself to the waiting list.

How can I value stocks at Cappetize?

On Cappetize, you will generally find three evaluation approaches: economic quality, market sentiment and risk. To make things as easy as possible for you, we have summarized the underlying complex financial figures into a single percentage. Additionally, we've added comparisons with other companies within the industry to help you make a better assessment. If necessary and for maximum transparency, you can of course delve deeper into the individual valuations until you reach the balance sheet figures.

What does it cost to use Cappetize?

You can use Cappetize and its core features completely free of charge. However, you have the option to purchase targeted premium features to take your Cappetize experience to the maximum level. Just try out what suits you best — with us, you are as flexible as possible.

Can I buy shares with Cappetize?

No, we do not currently offer any broker functions. Please continue to buy the shares found on Cappetize as usual with your preferred broker.

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