About us

Teamfoto der Co-Founder des Unternehmens Cappetize mit den Namen Dominik Rziha, Marvin Meinhard und Thorsten Konrad
Provide access to financial freedom.
Our vision
When the first neobrokers entered the market, access to the stock market became easy and inexpensive. Suddenly, everyone wanted to invest in stocks, including our circle of acquaintances.

Some attempted it themselves but quickly abandoned the endeavor. Others sought our advice, knowing that we had been working in financial markets for a long time. The discussions always revolved around the choice, risk and valuation of stocks. We asked ourselves, what could help our acquaintances gain more confidence in their investment decisions? How could the complexity of investing be simplified
The idea of Cappetize was born. Since then, we have been working on a solution to support investors in all phases of investing.

In terms of retirement provision, private pension planning is becoming increasingly important. We aim to make a contribution to society by helping a broad audience build wealth. We do not focus on age but instead strive to minimize the complexity of the topic. With us, you don't have to be a professional to invest consistently and sustainably.

Let's do this together.

The Cappetize team

We complement each other, are independent as a team and have gone our own way so far. Why is that really the case? We have programmed the app completely independently and are also developing it further independently to enable you to invest independently step by step.
You can find insights into our development with Cappetize, including all the ups and downs, on our VLOG.
Cappetize Co-Founder & CEO Dominik Rziha


CEO & Backend Development
Dominik is responsible for the acquisition and preparation of all data presented in our app. He also takes care of the UI/UX design and, as CEO, is in charge of the overall management and organisation of the team's tasks.
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Cappetize Co-Founder & CFO Marvin Meinhard


CFO & Frontend Development
Marvin programs our front end and is responsible for ensuring that the data is displayed nicely and that the app runs stably. In his second role as CFO, he takes care of our company's controlling and finances.
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Cappetize Co-Founder & CMO Thorsten Konrad


CMO & Fundraising
Thorsten ensures that Cappetize is well known, manages the social media channels, looks after the website and runs our public relations work. He also manages fundraising and acts as the interface to our investors.
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